A New Release, Every Month, Throughout 2017!

Running a business can be hard, having a side business is even harder. That’s why our goal for 2017 is to release an entirely new product every month, which means in 2017 we will release at least 12 new items. (I hope there will be more)… Read More

1st Month, 1st Product:

I guess you already spotted our first product in the image above. I just couldn’t wait to release this little fella so I give this challenge a head start. This pin is referring to a very famous american kitchen clock and a current reminder for your friends that they are too late, again!



I always love to get enamel pins made, because normally all products are printed by myself. Here I can just focus on the design, lean back and wait until they arrive at my door. (I still have to print the packaging though. Screen printed by hand!)

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