Biaschtlbude is DEAD!


Things are changing. When I was starting with Biaschtlbude in 2013, I was all obsessed with fast food. It was fun putting sausages and fries on everything, building a display for fairs which looked like a huge fridge and creating a website which almost screams Mc Donalds.

But after five years of doing that I felt a bit limited by the concept. My interests shifted and grew in other directions, but every time I picked up a sketchbook, I felt like I have to draw something related to food. So I stopped drawing, stopped creating and stopped having fun.

So this summer I reached a point where I said to myself "fuck all that" and decided to stop doing work related to Biaschtlbude. I came up with a new name and a new branding with absolutely no limitations. So let's welcome: Unprofessional Press.


Why Unprofessional? 

Since I'm full time employed as a UX/UI designer I want to do something fun when I come home. I want to try out as much as possible and be completely open to new ways of producing things. It doesn't matter if that means trying out linocut printing for the first time or creating ceramics. I want to do whatever comes to my mind. So this also means that while I will always try my best I'm probably not an expert in that field. 

Why Press?

Honestly, I have no idea. Many brands on Instagram, with similar content, use the name press. I think it means that the focus is on pressed or printed products and the domain was cheap. So I bought for my online shop and for my portfolio (still in progress). 

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  • Dominic

    Thanks Tommy, always nice to hear.

  • Tommy Isaac

    So glad you made the shift. I love your work, and growth and change is healthy and natural. I’m proud of you for making this decision and I can’t wait to see your new work.

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