Cheap Monday customized by Biaschtlbude

I know this blog post is super late since the project was already released a few month ago. But there are still some jackets left and I never really wrote about this collection. The idea was to create a set of customized denim jackets, each with a different design.


It took me quite long to finally realize this project because I don't really stock so many different patches or pins. Professionally producing new patches wasn't really an option since I needed only one patch per jacket which would have been super expensive. Normally you order 100 pieces or more of the same design to make it profitable. So I did a little bit of research on a DIY solution for customizing denim jackets and decided to paint them per hand. I did some tests on denim but it didn't really satisfy me and the colors looked a little bit weird after washing. So I had to come up with a different solution, finally I thought of old leather patches were different layers of colored leather are sewed together. But I wanted to color the material myself so I'm more flexible in the design so I found this special paper which, after washing, looks a little bit like leather. Yes, a paper which is totally fine with a washing machine. So finally I was able to sew together my own patches. Okay, I'm drifting into too many details, I suck at writing.


@moritz_franz wearing our Staple Denim Jacket customized by @biaschtlbude #itscheapmonday

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Cheap Monday (@cheapmonday) am


I'm super happy with the outcome of this project, and it's also the first time I did a "real" photo shoot. I guess I wanted to impress Cheap Monday. But I'm 100% that I will not be doing a similar project again because it was way too much work. lol 

And now go and get yourself one of my jackets, you deserve it and I deserve it! 


Model: Moritz Franz Zangl 

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