🎁 Holiday Gift Guide 2017 + Order Deadlines 🎁

Every year the same struggle, WHAT TO GIFT! 😩 So I thought I help you out with a short gift guide from our current stock. While most of our products are sized, which might be problematic for gifting (eehm whats your size again?), all of the following aren't. But If you do want to get a shirt no worries, you can always return your order for the right size. I'm sure you will find something for everyone. #shopindie 

Biaschtlbude Holiday Gift Guide

You can find all of the mentioned products in our Gift Collection! 🎉


Plus please note that I'm also in the holiday stress, so If you want to make a 100% sure your order arrives in time for the holidays (24th of December) order before these deadlines:

Holiday Deadlines

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