Species Ambassador for One Million One Month

linocut print of a frog

I was selected by the One Million One Month (1M1M) project as species ambassador for its 2020 edition. 

About 1M1M

One Million One Month invites artists from around the world to create works about a curated list of critically endangered species over the course of one month. The aim of the project is to raise awareness and to spark creativity. 

The Black-eared Mantella

For this years edition, I was assigned the Black-eared Mantella, which critically endangered according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. 

It is endemic to Madagascar and one of the main reasons for its decreasing population is habitat loss. This species of frog lives in subtropical/tropical forests and wetlands, which are destroyed by residential & commercial development as well as agricultural usage. It has additionally been collected in large numbers to be sold as a pet, which is likewise a major threat to the Black-eared Mantella.

The Linocut Print 

Since the goal of this project was to raise awareness I decided to add a little bit of information to the back of the print. That's why I printed its backside with the help of my little inkjet printer before using printing block of lino. The artwork itself is supposed to depict an abstract version of a declining graph, which is climbed by a Black-eared Mantella.

linocut print

Here you can get the final print.



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