Who is DEPOPing?

I just opened my own depop site and I'm still not 100% sure what it is, but I read that it is a mixture between Instagram & eBay and this was enough to spike my interest. I'm unhappy with Instagram for quite some time now, since their algorithm changes are ruining my experience with the app. It starts to become exactly like Facebook where if you don't spend all your money on ads nobody is going to see your updates. 


That's why I wanted to try out something new! Every post in the depop app is basically a product listing while the visual appearance of your feed is the most important, just like on Instagram. It doesn't matter if you sell your own products, vintage clothing or just your old stuff, as long as your feed is nicely curated. It's almost like each account runs their own fashion editorial and you follow the ones which represent your style the most. So you can collect inspiration and ideas, and if you really want something you're only one click away.

At this point, I really have no idea if it's fun or not since I just started. But if you're also using depop, it would be nice if you could show a little bit of support and give me a follow. 


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