X for "aXolotl", Linocut Print
X for "aXolotl", Linocut Print
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X for "aXolotl", Linocut Print

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Lowercase X for "aXolotl", linocut print created during 36 Days of Type 06.  
  • coloured linocut print 
  • handprinted in Vienna
  • 6,5x9cm 
  • limited edition of 15 prints
  • signed and numbered

In 2019 I decided to participate in the 36 Days of Type challenge and therefore created a series of small linocut prints. For a period of 26 days (only A-Z excluding the numbers) I created a linocut print daily. Each letter was printed in an edition of 15. 

About the Challenge:

36 Days of Type is an annual challenge organized by @36daysoftype. The project invites designers and illustrators around the globe to show their interpretation of the letterforms (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) of our alphabet. The challenge follows a strict calendar and each participant shares their daily submissions on social media (Instagram) with the official hashtags.

Linocut is a printmaking technique, similar to a woodcut, where the design is carved into a sheet of linoleum. The linoleum sheet is then inked and impressed onto paper.

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